Thursday, February 5, 2009

the longest winter without me

It's been a long time since I updated and I know you guys are pissed. I hope not though :) Anyway, it's been a long time, so alot of things have come and gone and I've kept you in the dark. Sorry lah..

Anyway I'm lazy so I'll just post this convo with Eric.. He's a total noob

..,stephen says:
eh guess who eric likes
..,stephen says:
..,stephen says:
wrong chat
..,stephen says:
Eric says:
shit you larh!
..,stephen says:
..,stephen says:
..,stephen says:
kidding lah
..,stephen says:
..,stephen says:
Eric says:
..,stephen says:
..,stephen says:
u wwere pissed werent u
..,stephen says:

He claims he was testing me ==" Eric if your reading this, what if I really was telling someone....
Hmmmmm, I dunno?

Monday, November 24, 2008

And that's what you get

Call me lifeless, but this is what has been taking up most of my time recently. I discovered this site while half-consciously clicking away through photos on Mr Kevin's facebook album. I told you I was bored..

If they had a Pn Choong impersonation contest, I would win hands down baby..

Ok, that was disturbing. Now for some manly, masculine  pictures of me :

Manly much?

I seriously look like my Dad in here ;/

Double Chin!

Love my Afro :)

I also did a few on other people. If oyu are one of them, too bad :) If you're not, don't feel left out. It's beacause you don't have the face, the je ne sais quoi needed for the picture ;)


Alynna. The hairstyle suits her, no?

Mae. I know I always say you bear resemblance to some guy, but even though this is a guy haircut, unbelievably, you look like my aunt.. Maybe it's the curls?

Sandra. Suits her, very well.

Sister. 0.0

(The other) Ashley trying to be lala.

Zian posing for Colgate ad.

Emily. Blur pouter?



Last but not least,

Ameerul, Cute-nya ;)

He's Random!

Random people, welcome a new member into the club. ERIC :DD

This is a convo between Madelene and Eric on facebook..

Eric: Hey you! haha good luck for everything.all the best! =]

Mad: Thx for the wish? but why so random?:) haha.

Eric: haha because im always random=]

Yes, he is. Before I forget, My deepest condolences to Eric whose hair got screwed up by some mentally challenged stylist. Eric, I mourn with you :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Magic tricks and Yellow balloons

I remember there was one post, by Dang that said something about there being more visitors reading his blog from the USA in comparison to readers from big ol' Asia.
Well, It's just happened to me. American readers pawn Asians outnumbering them three to one.

1st place                  US - 69.2 %

2nd place                 Malaysia - 23.1%

3rd place                  Canada - 7.7%

Hmmmphh, so much for the Malaysian spirit. Come on Asians, you just got your ass smacked. Yeah, sure you beat Canada. WHO CARES?!!

Lets get ourselves to the top spot again. Oh, and hopefully in the process boost up my analytics and whilst doing so click on my ads and help me make a living?